About us

Crystiques is a nationally recognized creator of custom rhinestone clothing. We’re passionate about creative fashion as we have made some of the most dazzle rhinestone designs the industy has ever seen.

At Crystiques, creativity is a way of life. We focus all of our attention to detail to bring you the most electrifing rhinestone designs.

We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique custom designs and styles merged with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity. 

Crystiques has been creating creative custom rhinestone designer apparel since 1999. I originally started the business because I got tired of seeing the same old fashion styles. It seemed that no matter where I shopped for my apparel everything seemed to be plain and stale. I wanted something different, something electrifying, something that would stand out from the everyday look! I wanted to produce the highest quality custom rhinestone t-shirt designs using only the best in Swarovski crystal rhinestones and top brand garments. By creating fresh new innovative custom rhinestone designs that sparkled in a beautiful display a customer would get a high quality custom design at an affordable price.

The beginning of Crystiques 

Back in 1999 I traveled to Bristol, TN and traveled to the downtown area shops! I saw a small boutique with a really sharp looking Rhinestone design in the window! I proceed to drag my husband into the boutique and I spoke with the lady about the custom designer rhinestone shirt in her display window. She informed me that she had created the design to see if it would spark some sales. Well it definitely caught my attention and I purchased the custom rhinestone designer tee that day!

I remember back to the first time that I had worn the custom rhinestone designer tee out in public, I received so many compliments on how different and neat my new designer shirt looked that I decided that I would like to expand on this great design and create others for my personal apparel collection!

I started small and progressively started to accumulate a pretty good collection of my very own custom rhinestone designer shirts! And everywhere I went I continued to receive compliment after compliment on my designs! People would just come up to me and ask- "where did you find that shirt- I love it!" They would ask- "Where can I purchase one at?" At that point I decided that I could start duplicating a few of my rhinestone shirt designs and offer them to people as they requested. As time went on I found myself making more and more custom rhinestone designer tees for people! Everything seemed right so I decided to start what is now known as Crystiques!

With the business really taking off and I was having alot of fun with the business I decided to expand! I wanted to take my designs to a even higher level! I decided to invest in the latest state of the art embroidery equipment! I then started to custom digitize my own custom embroidery! The new goal was to create custom designer rhinestone apparel not just with rhinestones but to add embroidery to the design, so I could have an even more unique design! I wanted to produce only designs with lasting durability that why I chose to go with embroidery! I wanted to do something that I believe hasn't been done! I wanted a design that would outlast the actual quality of the shirt that it was on! I remember telling a friend that I wanted the customer to be able to cut out their design after their shirt is completely worn out and they could frame it!

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers Crystiques has grown into one of the top creator of custom rhinestone apparel.

We're always working and creating fresh new custom rhinestone designs to give our customers that one of a kind custom look!

To all of you, from all of us at Crystiques - Thank you and Happy Shopping!