DIY Rhinestone Bling Transfer Instructions

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 Bling Transfer Kit, Ruler, Scissors, Iron & Ironing Board, T-Shirt (100% cotton or cotton blend)  




1. Pre-heat your iron to highest setting (cotton or linen depending on your iron). Turn the steam OFF.

 2. Lay your shirt on a hard, flat, heat resistant surface. Iron over the entire T-shirt to remove any wrinkles. This will also remove any moisture from the shirt.

 3. Find the center of the shirt. You can mark the center with a ruler, eyeball it or fold/crease the center by ironing over it. This will ensure the transfer is centered & lined up correctly.




1. You will see that your rhinestone transfer has a small piece of tape on the edge of all four corners.  This tape was placed to keep the transfer positioned correctly during shipping. Carefully remove or cut through all four pieces of tape.

 2. Inspect your transfer to see if any stones have been shifted out of place during shipping or are out of place.  If they are, gently push them back in place with the edge of your fingernail or a pair of tweezers.

 3. If there are any imperfect/missing stones, carefully pull back the transfer tape and add/replace stone with one of the extra stones included with your transfer.  While we do our best to catch this, sometimes we might overlook a rhinestone that is not perfectly round or does not have an adequate amount of glue on the back of it.

 4. Find the center of the transfer. You can find the center by pulling back the transfer tape and folding over the transfer to the half way mark and gently pressing a crease at the top and bottom of the transfer.  Note: This is an optional step as you can always just eyeball your transfer placement on your T-shirt if so desired.




1. Place a cotton pillowcase inside the shirt to keep the glue from transferring to other side of T-shirt.

 2. Peel the transfer from the backing paper & position it on the desired location on the T-shirt.

 3. Gently run your hands over top the transfer with light pressure.

 4. Take the piece of included parchment paper and lay on top of your rhinestone transfer.  Always use the parchment paper while ironing on top of the design to avoid damage to rhinestones and iron. 

 5. Take your iron and gently SET (do not move iron around) your iron on top of your parchment paper and apply light, even pressure for 20 SECONDS.  Then gently lift up and move your iron over and repeat the process until you have applied heat to entire rhinestone design. NOTE: DO NOT move the iron around over the stones or it will cause the design to become distorted.

 6. Remove parchment paper & gently grab the corner of your transfer tape & slowly peel back.

Note: The transfer tape is really HOT so be careful when touching. As you slowly pull back the tape if you notice any stones that didn’t stick to your T-shirt, lightly set the transfer tape back down & reapply your parchment paper then re-iron & reapply heat for another 15 SECONDS.

 7. Once transfer tape has been removed and all the stones are applied to the T-shirt, take your parchment paper and lay it over top your rhinestone design and repeat step #5 again.

 8. Last step is to turn your T-shirt inside out with the back of your rhinestone design facing you. Place your parchment paper on top of your design. Take your iron and gently set your iron on top of your design and apply gentle, even pressure for 15 SECONDS. Repeat this process until you have applied heat to the entire design.




Note: Remember to ALWAYS wash your new Bling T-Shirt inside out.